Digital Technologies

At CHPS we aim to develop digitally literate, life-long learners who are able to adapt to their changing world. Information Communication Technology (ICT) plays an integral role in this vision.


ICT is an interdisciplinary domain, focusing on providing students with the tools to improve their learning and to enrich their learning environment. Technology is not taught as a stand-alone subject; it is integrated within the broader curriculum and used as a tool to enhance learning outcomes. ICT skill acquisition is sequentially taught, but in an integrated manner. The school offers a Mac and PC platform across the school. Students in Grades 3-6 are part of a 1:1 iPad program and students from Foundation — Grade 2 access class sets of iPads.


Classrooms and the library also have networked desktop pcs enabling students to seamlessly move between the Mac and PC platform with access to a broad range of software that facilitates creativity, high levels of engagement and allows students to work individually and collaboratively. The school has wireless network throughout and classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards. An important component of ICT learning and student safety and wellbeing is the teaching of cybersafety and responsible online behaviour. We help students understand the implications of the use of ICT and their social and ethical responsibilities as users of ICT.


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