Our Approach to the Teaching of Social Skills

At Clifton Hill Primary School, we believe student emotional health and wellbeing underpins academic achievement. The teaching of social skills is undertaken from a whole school, preventative approach, whereby a variety of strategies are used as part of explicit classroom teaching and guidance as the need arises. We draw from a variety of programs and including:

  • Circle Time or class meetings/conferences – often centred around our school values of Kindness and Empathy, Gratitude, Inclusiveness and Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Music, movement and drama programs

Additional social skills support is offered to students via Individual Learning Plans, participation in smaller social skills groups and Educational Psychologist involvement when or if needed.


For further information on our school-wide approach to student health and wellbeing, please see our Student Engagement Policy.



Clifton Hill Primary School also offers additional programs that support the development of student social and emotional wellbeing. These include:

  • PALS
  • Buddy Program
  • Chess Club (external provider)
  • Choir
  • Lego Club
  • Aerobics Club
  • Coding Club
  • Library
  • School Leadership Opportunities


Peer Activity Leaders (PALs) is program whereby year six students run a lunchtime program for students in years Prep to Two. who prefer structured activities inside a few times per week to outside independent play. Activities include team and individual games as well as quiet indoor activities. In addition to important social skills PAL also facilitates the development of leadership and negotiation skills in our year six students.



Each year the new Prep students interact with Year 5 students during Buddy Sessions where the grades meet to complete activities together. Grades also often meet to socialise during lunch eating time or for other opportunities to share their learning. This program develops cross-age relationships and helps students to feel confident and connected within our school.


Chess Club

Chess Club is an optional lunchtime activity offered to develop logical thinking and interaction skills in a structured environment. This program is offered at a cost to parents.


At Clifton Hill Primary School we also offer a range of cross-age programs that promote social interaction and the development of leadership skills while students pursue areas of interest, such as:



Students are offered the opportunity to join the school choir led by our music teachers where students can enjoy working together to produce beautiful music and perform to others.


Lego Club

Lego Club is lots of fun at CHPS. Students just come and use their creativity to ‘free build’ on individual projects or together with their peers.


Aerobics Club

Students with a desire to keep fit in a fun environment are offered the opportunity to join our Aerobics Club.


Coding Club

Students are able to participate in teacher-guided coding sessions where they have the opportunity to plan and collaborate with peers to design and create interactive digital products.



The library is open at lunchtimes for all children to browse and borrow books. It is also an opportunity for children to have a quiet space where they have access to colouring and drawing activities.


School Leadership Program

Student Leadership at Clifton Hill Primary School provides students with opportunities to practise authentic leadership and give them voice and agency within our community. Following consultation with our students, we have implemented a program which allows our upper school students to become actively involved in leading their school community. They work with younger grades to develop and run relevant projects and initiatives. A focused Grade 6 leadership team includes four School Captains, as well as Digital Technologies Captains who will aim to involve younger students in leading their peers.


Mercury Runners

The Mercury Runners program allows our students a chance to explore a different kind of leadership role in the school. Nominated by their peers and teachers, the Mercury Runners are excused from class for a day in order to experience the administrative side and day to day workings of our school. A wide range of tasks are completed, including working with students in younger grades, delivering messages around the school, basic equipment maintenance (such as pumping sports balls) and assistance in the library. Students are exposed to what it means to be a hands on leader and are given the opportunity to gain a different perspective on what it means to be part of the Clifton Hill Primary School community.


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