Vision and Values

Within the Clifton Hill Primary School community, we foster resilience through teaching and modelling the following values:



  • Kindness and Empathy
    • We care for one another, speak and act with consideration, friendliness and respect.
    • We try our best to understand the feelings and experiences of others.
  • Gratitude
    • We show appreciation for what we have and what others do for us, and we give back in return.
  • Inclusiveness
    • We embrace difference, treat people fairly and create opportunities so that everyone feels like they belong. 
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
    • We question, analyse and evaluate and we look for new and innovative ideas and solutions.

Staff at Clifton Hill Primary School aim to achieve Excellence in Education through:

  • Fostering Strong Relationships
  • Creating Genuine Learning Opportunities
  • Focusing on Student Engagement

View the CHPS Statement of Values and School Philosophy



We provide an open and safe environment where everyone uses kindness and empathy to foster and breed positive and healthy relationships.  Supportive and respectful relationships are the foundation of a connected community where all members belong. 

We use a variety of evidence-based teaching approaches that are purposeful, authentic and innovative and encourage student voice and collaboration.

Creativity, curiosity, connection and fun underpin the school experience for our community. Authentic opportunities exist for students to participate in making decisions. 


Strategic Planning and Reporting

CHPS Annual Report to the School Community 2018

CHPS Annual Implementation Plan 2020


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