A Message from the Principal


I would like to welcome you to the Clifton Hill Primary School (CHPS) website and hope that the information provided gives you a sense of our school culture. The school has a 147-year history of service to its community and we believe we offer an appropriate balance of core subjects (literacy, numeracy, science) with creative areas (music, art, drama, dance). We are also in the privileged position to offer our students a choice to study Mandarin or French during their time at Clifton Hill Primary School.


We believe the quality of a school is determined by the quality of its teaching staff and CHPS has an outstanding group of professional educators. Our educators aim to achieve Excellence in Education through:

  • Fostering Strong Relationships
  • Creating Genuine Learning Opportunities
  • Focusing on Student Engagement.


We are a straight-grade school (no composites and no multi-aging) with a significantly high proportion of high-achieving students. Having said that, we have students with wide-ranging abilities and backgrounds and strive to create a culture of inclusiveness.


Clifton Hill Primary School believes in recognises the importance in collaborating with our families to ensure that all of our children reach their potential.


We look forward to welcoming you to our school.


Megan Smith




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